Agnus Dei Design by Jordan Singer

One of our very talented friends Jordan Singer is selling this amazing Agnus Dei t-shirt. Jordan is one of those designers that goes the extra mile. Instead of just making a stock image, he does his research to make sure that his designs have a story, look incredible,  and give glory to God. Continue reading “Agnus Dei Design by Jordan Singer”


Bible Resource: Word Biblical Commentary

There are many great commentaries available to us. Some are devotional, some are pastoral, and some are technical. I find that using a variety of these resources helps me as do my sermon prep. The Word Biblical Commentary Series by Zondervan has been very helpful to me in my study of God’s Word. Continue reading “Bible Resource: Word Biblical Commentary”

The False Assurance of Tradition

Tradition. There is nothing which gives men a false assurance like human tradition. The poison of tradition promises security but subtly brings damnation. It tells a man that he can be the captain of his own ship, the master of his own way when in reality he is a stowaway, imprisoned in sin. It promises heaven on the back of human exertion thus neglecting an essential tenant of the Gospel; no work can earn salvation. Continue reading “The False Assurance of Tradition”

Christians Seek Christ

A couple weeks ago I was hanging out with a friend of mine who is struggling with where he is at in life. He was worried about his employment, living situation, and struggling with the idea that life is just not making sense for him. When I reminded him of this text in Colossians where Paul is encouraging the Colossian believers to seek and set their minds on the things above, he let out a Gahhhhhh. He shared that even though he knew that focusing on Christ should be the most important thing in his life and to live knowing his identity I found only in Him, he confessed that he tends to forget this a lot. Continue reading “Christians Seek Christ”

Trust Jesus, who saves us from life’s vanity.

In the book of Ecclesiastes, the author presents a raw and honest description of the realities of life in a fallen world under the sun.  Life is short and the fact that every day we are getting closer to our death should affect how we live. Ecclesiastes exposes the folly of man as he strives to serve himself by pursuing earthly goals and pleasures. Continue reading “Trust Jesus, who saves us from life’s vanity.”